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Aliyah Lift Shipping

Two Minute Shipping Overview

Preparing for Aliyah.

Preparing for your aliyah is very exciting and a lot of work.  The earlier you get started, the better prepared you will be before your flight.

The Fun Begins!

At some point, you will need to go through your home and determine what you will be taking in your shipment.  There are a number of factors – electrical, replacement value, sentimental value, size, etc. –  that should guide your decision making process.


Timing is directly related to sanity.  Living without furniture is hard on families.  We will work with you and your time constraints so that your lifestyle is minimally disrupted.

The time between loading your shipment and your aliyah flight is an excellent opportunity to visit family and/or friends – giving you a chance to relax and spend some quality time with those you love.

Your Shipping Options.

When shipping your personal belonging to Israel you have two options – partial shipment or container shipment.  The volume of your shipment is the dominant factor in determining which type of shipment you’ll have.

Partial Shipment

A partial shipment is ideal for those who do not take enough to fill a full container.  Partial shipments can be as small as 20 book boxes or as large as a 1-2 bedroom home with furniture.

Partial shipments are also referred to as “consolidated shipments” because your goods gets consolidated with other partial shipments and loaded into a container and shipped overseas. Consolidations are done when there is enough goods to fill a 40′ container.  In the summer (May through August), when most families are moving, consolidations are done more frequently then during the off season.

Container Shipment

If you’re shipping all, or most of the furnishings and goods from your home, then you’ll probably need your own container.  The size of your container will depend on how much you are moving and at Aliyah Lift Shipping we offer 3 container sizes to choose from.

      • A 20′ Container which holds about 1000 cubic feet of household items or approximately the contents of a 1400 square foot home
      • A 40′ Container which holds about 2000 cubic feet of household items or approximately the contents of a 2800 square foot home
      • A 40′ HC Container which holds about 2400 cubic feet of household items or approximately the contents of a 3200 square foot home

The home sizes are approximate but a reasonable figure to work with.   Surveys can be done to determine more accurately the volume of your home’s shipment.

Just a Couple Boxes

If you have only a couple boxes or an extra suitcase or so, the best way to handle the situation is either to pay the airlines for the extra luggage, or ship them USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or DHL.  It might cost a couple hundred dollars but it will be the most economical, fastest and hassle-free way to get your goods to Israel.

Sharing a Shipment

Sharing a shipment is illegal and problematic in many ways.   We truly sympathize with this situation but, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help.

The Shipping Process.

The shipping evolution can be broken down into 5 steps:

      • Packing
      • Loading
      • Shipping
      • Customs clearance
      • Delivery


Packing for an aliyah, or for any move is a BIG task – let us help. This is what Aliyah Lift Shipping can provide for you:boxes

      • Complete Household Packing Services
      • Pack Fragile or Selected Items
      • Custom Crating
      • Piano Shipping


If you are shipping a partial shipment then your goods would be packed/wrapped at your residence and returned to our consolidation center warehouse for a later consolidation.

If you have a container shipment then Aliyah Lift Shipping’s packing crew will load your container saving you time and energy .  In some cases you can save money by loading your own container.


Obviously, this is when your shipment crosses the ocean to Israel.

Customs Clearance

When your shipment arrives at the port in Israel, you will need to go to Ashdod or Haifa for customs clearance.  There is a very, very small possibility (almost none) your container/partial shipment may be inspected by customs officials - this will result in additional charges and time delays.


A few days after customs clearance your container/partial shipment will be delivered to your door.   Most deliveries are made about 1 week your shipment arrives at the destined port.moving truck

Once again, a team of industrious workers will unload your container/partial shipment – putting your boxes where you want them and assembling three basic pieces of furniture.

Finally! You are ready to begin your life in your new home in Israel – Our Homeland!

What Others are saying about us

Morris Mourad

I received my shipment to my door this afternoon and all went well. I want to say it was a pleasure doing business with you and thank you for making the transport easy. I would recommend you to other people wanting to import into Israel also.

Morris Mourad
Hudi Kenigsberg

Making the move to Israel is huge. There are so many details — both large and small that need tending to. Luckily worrying about our shipment was never one of them! Thank you Aliyah Lift for reliable, fast and friendly service!

Hudi Kenigsberg
Naftali Schindler

I highly recommend Aliyah Lift.  Aliyah Lift is very detail oriented, extremely punctual and helpful.  He walked us patiently through the whole process paying attention to every little detail. His pricing is very clear and open, with no hidden fees.

Naftali Schindler
Yehudis Feinstein

Thanks again for your smiling and responsible and dignified AND compassionate manner of handling our shipping from Postville to Tzfat. Hashem will repay you far more than with money. You deserve it.

Yehudis Feinstein

Volume Videos

The volume of 20 common items in your home in two 1-minute videos