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Aliyah Lift Shipping - Shipping to Israel              

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Aliyah Lift Shipping 2 Minute Shipping Overview

1. Preparing for Aliyah.

Preparing for aliyah is very exciting and a lot of work. The earlier you get started, the better prepared you will be before you leave.

The Fun Begins!   At some point, you will need to go through your house and determine what you will be taking in your shipment.  There are a number of factors (electrical, value, sentimental value, size, etc.) that should guide you in planning for your shipment.

How Big is My Shipment?   To help you further, we have designed the Aliyah Lift Calculator spreadsheet to calculate the volume of your shipment or you can go to our Visual Volume link above.

The Aliyah Lift Calculator is loaded with the volumes of common-sized household items, plus it can be customized to include your non-standard items - continually calculating the volume as you progress.   

To receive your FREE Aliyah Lift Calculator please send an email to: and yours will be sent soon.  

Please remember - all volumes are approximate.

Timing.    Timing is directly related to sanity.   Living without furniture is hard on families.   We will work with you and your time constraints so that your lifestyle is minimally disrupted.

The time between loading your aliyah shipment and your aliyah flight is an excellent time to visit family or friends - giving you a chance to relax and spend some quality time with those whom you love.

Our goal is to make shipping your aliyah shipment easy and fun!

2. Your Shipping Options.

When shipping your personal belonging to Israel you have two options, depending on the amount of freight you have.

Partial Shipment.   This is when you do not take enough to justify the cost of a full container.  Your freight gets combined with other orders (consolidated) and loaded into a container and shipped when the container is full.

Container Shipment.   When shipping a container you have 3 sizes to choose from.

Length x Width x Height
Cubic Feet
19' 4" x  7' 8"  x  7' 10"
39' 5"  x  7' 8"  x  7' 10"
40' HC
39' 5"  x  7' 8"  x  8' 10"

20' Container
20' Container
40' Container
40' Container
* The 40' HC is similar to the 40' Container only 12" taller

What Size is Right For You?
  At the "Shipping Options" link you will find valuable information and a sample inventory of a what a 20' container can hold.   The calculations are based on conservative estimations.

3. The Shipping Process.

How It Works.   The shipping evolution can be broken down into 5 steps: Packing, Loading, Shipping, Customs, and Delivery.

.   Packing for an aliyah, or for any move is a BIG task - let us help.  This is what Aliyah Lift Shipping can provide for you:

  • Pack Fragile or Select Items
  • Complete Household Packing Services
  • Custom Crating

Loading.   Loading the lift/container with your household possessions while the container is at your location.  Aliyah Lift Shipping can dispatch skilled workers to load your lift, saving you time and energy - or - you can load the container yourself.

Container Ship After the container is loaded, the container will be transported to the nearest port for shipping.

If you are shipping a Partial Shipment then your goods would be packed and wrapped at your residence and returned to our consolidation center warehouse for a later shipment.

Shipping.  Obviously, this is when your aliyah shipment crosses the ocean to Israel.

Customs Clearance.  When your shipment arrives at the port in Israel, you will need to go for customs clearance.  There is a slight possibility your container/partial shipment may be inspected by customs officials and verified against the shipping inventory.  If not, arrangements can then be made to schedule your delivery.

Delivery TruckDelivery.  After customs clearing, your container/partial shipment will be delivered to your door.

Once again, a team of skilled workers will unload your container/partial shipment - putting your boxes where you want them and assembling basic pieces of furniture.

Finally!  You are ready to begin your life in your new home in Israel - Our Homeland! 

Aliyah Lift Shipping - Visual Volume Videos

In these videos you will find the volume of 20 common items in your home.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Shipping Options.

You can use this chart to find the shipment that works best for you.  To learn more about each shipment, simply click on the service (ie, Door-to-Door, Self Pack/Load, etc.).


 Shipping Services Provided

Partial Shipment
Container Shipment
 Documentation Services
 Complete Packing Services
 Pick Up at Residence
 Receive Goods at Warehouse in US
 Goods Available for Pick Up in IL
 Customs Clearance
 Delivery to Residence
 Storage Options
 30 Days Free Storage in US **
 30 Days Free Storage in IL
 2 Days Free Storage in IL
 Insurance Options
 Total Loss Insurance
 All Risk Insurance

          * optional     ** some exceptions apply

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