Why Aliyah Lift Shipping?

Because you are our top priority!

The Golden Rule

Our guiding business philosophy is to treat our customers, and our vendors,  like we would want to be treated.

Here are a few examples to explain:

US to Israel to US : In early 2014 we had a customer who, after living in Israel a few weeks, decided he it was not for him. The problem was his 20′ container shipment had not yet arrived — but was coming in soon. I solicited a price from a local Israeli vendor to handle the return shipment, but decided instead to roll up my sleeves and make it happen myself.

Through numerous emails and phone calls it was arranged that the container would stay on the vessel and returned back to the US.

It might sound simple but it was far from it. First of all, this rarely happens so answers were not readily available. Secondly, if by accident the container was unloaded and left behind then my customer would have about $725+ in unnecessary fees.

In the end, a lot of really great people at Zim made it all happen without a hitch, the customer managed to handle his own unloading, and I was able to save the customer about $3000. Not only that, the delivery services in Israel which were paid for were refunded.

In reality, we could have made a substantial profit and the customer would have never known – but we didn’t because we treat our customers like we would want to be treated.

Vendor Mistakes : Over the years we have corrected vendor billing mistakes, paying out over $2000 to $2500.  This is why we have a good name with our vendors. Our vendors trust us.

Gray Areas : The common practice when shipping a container is to have a survey done beforehand.  This helps the customer know what will fit into the container and the agent can see if there are any extenuating circumstance with the project.

It once happened on a project that a critical part of the staircase, which was there at the time of the survey, was missing — it had been removed by their contractor.

The missing staircase resulted in adding 3 to 4 hours to the evolution, which in turn, resulted in a $500 increase of our rate from our agent.

I was advised by a Rav to look into what the industry standard procedure is, and do the same. I asked a few people in the industry and they confirmed the charge is reasonable and to pass it along to the customer. I asked friends and associates, and the general consensus was the same – they customer should have to pay the money.

I explained the situation to my customer, and that I have not charged anybody a fee that was not anticipated. He understood the situation and reimbursed part of the amount.

Clear and Concise Proposals

You can rest easy knowing our proposals are complete, well detailed and loaded with helpful information.   Proposals are hosted on an online proposal management system and always available – all you need to do is sign in with your name.  Once you’re logged in you can review your proposal, print it, ask a question and even accept it with an electronic signature.  So simple!

Business Integrity

Aliyah Lift Shipping provides fair and honest pricing. We do not use “fear-tactics” or “high-pressure” sales techniques to gain your business – in fact, we are probably not aggressive enough.  We do not plant doubts about the efficacy or integrity of other companies you may be considering.  This type of behavior is subversive, repugnant and intolerable.

We believe that, you the customer, are fully capable of choosing the shipping company that you feel most comfortable with.

(Aliyah Lift Shipping was started because we want to provide a safe environment for people to come to for their shipping needs.)

Re-Creating the Wheel for Each Customer

With each customer, or even with each email or phone call, we take into consideration that it is our thousandth time explaining something, but the customers first time hearing it.   We re-create the wheel with every customer.

We are olim who understand all that’s involved in moving and making aliyah, and we just want to make it easy for you.

Always Improving & Giving More

Aliyah Lift Shipping constantly scrutinizes procedures and processes leading to actionable plans and programs.  Some of the changes over the years are:

    • Nearly every year we review and tweek our website and add more helpful information.
      Our latest renovation was in December 2014 as we shifted from a standard HTML-based website to a Word Press-based website.  This allows our information to be viewed more clearly on mobile devices and a bit more aesthetically pleasing on a desktop or laptop computer.
      We believe our website is one of the best in the shipping industry and the best for the Israel market.
    • Our online proposal management system is totally user-friendly!  You will love it.  It provides more information in a clear and easy-to-read format.
    • A few years ago we started using Zopim (the little live chat tab in the lower, right-hand corner) to better communicate with people who have questions.
    • Through our hugely popular Aliyah Tips email program and Daily Aliyah Tips Facebook page we have been able to provide good, quality information to potential olim.
      At the end of 2014, the Aliyah Tips started changing from text-based emails to large, full-color engaging images with clear and helpful information.
    • We put together helpful videos (Volume Video 1 & Volume Video 2) to help explain volume a little better and even a couple videos (What Does It Cost 1 & What Does It Cost 2) about food costs in Israel.
      We are always pushing forward, using the tools available to make the shipping & aliyah process easier and less daunting.
    • In 2013 we launched Aliyah! Aliyah! a website providing valuable information for potential olim.  We also helped olim develop their business by providing website design and assistance.
      It has a lot of really great and creative information in it – take a look and you will see.

See, you are our top priority!

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