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The goal of Volume Central is to give you a working knowledge of size of the things in your world.  Having this information will help you as you evaluate price vs. need.

Since knowledge is power, you can gird yourself well by downloading our newly revised and always free ALS Volume Spreadsheet .   Simply download the spreadsheet, plug in the quantities of what you’re shipping and the total adjusts automatically.

To add to your armory of knowledge, below you’ll find pictures with the volumes of items in your home, along with the ever popular Volume Videos 1 & 2.

Finally, check out our blog post Shipping Volume vs. Home Size — it will assist in determining how much to ship without being overcrowded in your new Israeli home.

Home surveys are the best way to get an accurate assessment of your shipment.  Since we value our agents time, we prefer to set up surveys once we have a good feeling we will be handling your move.   When you are committed to us – we are committed to you!

Living Room

Arm Chair, Two-Seater Sofa, Three-Seater Couch, Cube Bookshelf, Coffee Table, End Table, Lamp, Pillows (4) and Rug

Dining Room

Breakfront, Corner Cabinet, Buffet, Dining Table and Chair


Dresser, Mirror, Dresser, Queen Mattress Set, Head-board & Foot-board, Night Table, Lamp and Rug