Timing Your Partial Shipment

What to keep in mind

There are a number of factors like, timing, season, storage and more, involved in your shipment and are all explained in the tab-box below.

If in doubt, simply tell us your idea shipping scenario and special needs and we will work out a plan of action just right for you!


Timing your partial shipment is a highly personal decision.

The biggest question in timing your shipment is; where do you want to live without your household goods?  Once this is determined then you can work with the other shipping factors (location, season, etc.) and a calender to develop a pick up date.


Use the locations in the Door to Door Time Schedule (below) to guide your schedule.  Remember, the dates are approximate and can change at any time.

Time of Year

Most families move during the summer, while their children have summer vacation, resulting in June, July and August being known as the busy season or peak season.   The rest of the year is known as the off season.   

It is crucial to keep this in mind when setting your pick up date.  Pick up dates in the summer need to set at least 5 weeks in advance.  Ideally, you will schedule your summer shipment at least 6 weeks or more in advance.

Time of Month

Just like there are busy seasons and off seasons in the year, there are also busy times of the month.

This busiest time of the month is the last week of each month, when leases or agreements tend to expire and people move from home to home.

Time to Consolidate

Partial shipments are consolidated on a regular basis, meaning once there is enough shipments to fill a 40′ container, a container is loaded and shipped out.

The frequency of consolidation is largely based on location and time of year.  For example, consolidations happen more rapidly in NY/NJ during the busy season then Chicago in the off season.

IMPORTANT : Your shipment could be the first pick up after a consolidation resulting in a longer wait time then if your shipment was the final pick up needed to consolidate a 40′ container.

Due to the vast amount of variables involved in overseas shipping, it is not possible to predict with a high degree of accuracy how long it will until a shipment is consolidated.


If you need storage, rest assured – storage is available.

Scheduling Your Pick Up

When scheduling your pick up, please taking into consideration 1) the season and 2) the time of the month.  If you want a pick up the last week of July, you need to understand that this week is in high demand and will be completely booked a month or more in advance.

You can use this helpful Date Calculator to determine a pick up date or project a door to door delivery date.  (Remember, there are many factors involved in your partial shipment and the dates are only approximate.)

It is best to schedule your pick-up as soon as possible.
January through AprilMay through AugustSeptember through December
Set Pick-Up Date2 – 4 weeks4 – 6 weeks2 – 4 weeks

Door to Door Time Schedule

Schedules can change at any time and without warning. Times are approximate.
N.Y. / N.J.Los AngelesMiamiChicagoTorontoN.A. Interior
Pick Up to Consolidation2 to 6 weeks2 to 6 weeks2 to 6 weeks2 to 6 weeks2 to 8 weeks 2 to 6 weeks
Sailing to Israel21 days60 days30 days30 days32 days21 days
Deliveryafter 7 daysafter 7 daysafter 7 daysafter 7 daysafter 7 daysafter 7 days
Approx/Ave Door to Door8 week14 weeks9 weeks9 weeks10 weeks8 weeks

Sample Shipment

Timing the Sasson family shipment

The Sasson Family Story

The Sasson family is very geeked, as they are finally making aliyah from Miami after many years of planning and preparations.  Here’s how they are handling their scheduling.

They need to be out of their home at the end of June 2015, so they used this Date Calculator to determine approximately when they need to schedule their pick up date.  (Since they are moving during peak season, the Sassons know they need to book their pick up well in advance.) Here’s their results:

When to schedule the pick up?

Now, they know 1) when they need to schedule their pick up – May 12, 2015 and 2) their pick up date – June 30, 2015, but now they want to know approximately when to expect a delivery.  Using the same Date Calculator and the Door to Door Time Schedule data for Miami they can expect a delivery some time around September 1st.

Approximate delivery date

IMPORTANT : The High Holidays and Sukkot effect the shipping schedule in many ways.  Shipments will not be sent if they will arrive in Israel between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and shipments that arrive in Ashdod around Rosh HaShannah and later are not likely to be delivered until after Sukkot.

Rosh HaShannah starts this year on September 13th and Shmini Atzeret is October 4th.