The Consolidation Process

“How long till my shipment gets to Israel?”

The consolidation process is when multiple shipments are loaded (consolidated) into a container and shipped overseas.   Partial shipments are consolidated into 40′ containers and shipped to Israel – but only when there is enough to fill the container. 

The $10,000 Question

The hardest shipping question to answer is, “How long does it take to get to Israel after my pick up?”   There are so many variables it’s nearly impossible to give anything but a time range. Look at the sample below and you too will understand why.

Our sample 40′ container shows how shipments acquired over 3 weeks are loaded.

Continuing with this hypothetical consolidation, the container would be returned to the NY port June 28th for the July 3rd sailing.   The ETA (estimated time of arrival) at Ashdod is July 27th and deliveries would be around August 2nd.

For the Levy family, it took about 2 months to go from door-to-door, while the Katz family got their shipment is just over 6 weeks! (Happy Katz family.)

Imagine what would happen if…..

….the Ross family had an emergency and needed to keep their shipment in storage — the whole consolidation would be held up for more shipments.

….or, if a client dropped off a 250 cubic feet shipment, on June 17th —  this new shipment would be the last for this container consolidation, and the Katz family’s shipment would be bumped to the next consolidation.  (Poor Katz family.)

Now you can see why, in the ever-changing world of consolidated shipping, it’s hard to give an approximate delivery date.