The ALS Family


We have found that one of the biggest factors in shipping is trust.  People need to trust the company they are working with – trust they are being honest, trust that their shipment will get to Israel, trust that there are no “hidden fees” and so on.

The internet adds a bit of transparency to this issue.  You can find people and get shipping reviews on the internet.  You can even check on Facebook to see what type of people you’ll be working with you.   Well, we prefer to be transparent and up-front, and hope this page will allay any concerns you may have about the awesome crew, known as Aliyah Lift Shipping.

I think we are an agreeable lot and hope you do too!

Yitzhak & Tikva and the Sasson Family


Aliyah Lift Shipping is truly a family business with each person contributing, shaping and building our business ethos, while at the same time growing & gaining from the experience.  They have seen the value of operating an upright business.   A true symbiotic relationship.

Tikva was the initial driving force behind launching Aliyah Lift Shipping and the social marketing expert that put us on the map. Currently, she is very active as co-founder of Homeopathy for Humanity educating and assisting homeopaths all over the world.

Our oldest son, Shem Tov, is our soldier, blog writer and resident proofreader (whenever available).

My trusty art director – and youngest son – Nissim has the discerning eye for what looks good and what does not.  Side-by-side we work together on websites & other supporting material.

Bar & Esther (not pictured) currently have a less active role as their focus turns to building businesses and homes of their own.

Yitzhak is the front man for Aliyah Lift Shipping.  When not in front of his computer he enjoys “playing” guitar, gardening (from building big stone walls to planting little seeds), and going the The Kollel for learning.