Finding Gratitude in Shipping

CaptureThere is a general rule — if you want to hide something special or important, put it in a place where nobody will look.  This is the relationship between gratitude and shipping!

People dread going through their homes deciding what to take, and, what not to take.  For an older family it can take weeks and even months to get ready for their packing day.

Why not take this time and utilize it to its fullest?

When going through your home and figuring out what to ship, take note of an item and think about how you got it & how it’s helped you.  Once you’ve come to a higher-level of realization and appreciation for the item, thank G-d with words because — He gave it to you.

If Perkei Avot tells us that a “wise person” is somebody who is “happy with what he has“, then you will be a super-genius at the end of your aliyah preparations!

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