Meet a few of the great couples we’ve worked with — the Winds, Leightons and Chatelains

Getting Married & Making Aliyah?

Are you a young couple with plans to get married and make aliyah?

Making aliyah can be demanding on personal resources and when you’re young it can be even harder, so we’ve decided to help out.  Since 2016 we’ve helping newlywed couples with our amazing Chuppah & Aliyah program.

Our offer to you, the young ambitious couple, is a full-service, door-to-door shipment, at our industry discounted rate.   That means no mark-ups – you pay what we pay!  

That’s a wedding gift to really smile about!

When you request a quote, tell us when the wedding is too!

Hatzlacha Rabba and Mazel Tov!


* Our gift is extended to couples up to age 28 years, married within 8 months of their aliyah date, and the shipment must be their own household items.
* We reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time.  (We have to say this just to protect ourselves from any unforeseen costly oversights.)