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Finding Gratitude in Shipping

There is a general rule — if you want to hide something special or important, put it in a place where nobody will look.  This is the relationship between gratitude and shipping! People dread going through their homes deciding what to take, and, what not to take.  For an older family it can take weeks […]

Security with Sanity

The general consensus with our customers is that doing the insurance is the worst thing about shipping.  Think about it — you have to record, as accurately as possible, everything in your home, and assign replacement values! We at Aliyah Lift Shipping suggest the following approach to get maximum security while maintaining your sanity.  We call it the […]

You never know….

In the shipping business you never know who you are working with — until they tell you a little bit about themselves. Over the years we’ve had the honor or working with a wide variety of amazing personality. (Out of respect, I will not include their names.) Two of my favorites were refuseniks.  One was […]