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Shuttle Delivery

Here is a photo-story of a 40′ container delivery to a wonderful family in their first lovely home in Israel, but due to the location of the home, we needed to use a shuttle to complete the delivery.   The home is pleasantly situated midway down a picturesque steep & narrow hill.   The driver attempted 3 or […]

Container Loading = Playing Tetris

If you haven’t heard of it before, Tetris is an old video game where buttons are used to guide falling tetrominoes (colored block packages) so they stack together and the spaces are completely filled in. We’ve been told many times this is how our customer’s containers were loaded – like the Tetris game. Our crews are Tetris masters How […]

Hidden Fees?

Now that Pesach has past we’re in the season of Questions & Answers.  This is when summer shippers ask questions on services, timing, cost and ultimately, hidden fees… When people ask me if there are “any hidden fees” it makes me laugh — and sigh.   I laugh because of the absurdity of the question, and I sigh […]

Unlocking the Mysteries of Volume

  Volume is the biggest cost factor in international shipping.  It also happens to be one of the hardest concepts for people to understand.   Due to it’s complex nature, we’ve spent considerable effort explaining it in a variety of ways. Spreadsheet.  Initially, we would sent out an Aliyah Lift Volume Estimator spreadsheet filled with […]

In Defense of Working from Home

I was recently told by a customer that another shipping company spoke very disparaging of Aliyah Lift Shipping at a recent NBN event in the US.  They tried to instill fear in him with phrases like “one-man show” and “working from his basement”. We think that’s the lowest form of business conduct and would like take […]

Don’t Put Your Dreams in the Hands of Others

Imagine the following scenes throughout Shmueli’s life in the thriving religious community of Goshen, Indiana, and how he never fulfilled his dream to make aliyah and live in the Holy Land. Scene 1 : Childhood Dreams Little Shmeuli is 7 years old and just finished examining a big picture book of Israel and it’s holy […]

PBO – Packed By Owner

There is  a lot of discussion about self-packed boxes & shipments.  Are they red flags for an inspection?  Are they covered by insurance? So, without further ado, here’s the scoop on PBO boxes… Verifiable.  First, if you chose to pack your own boxes, don’t tape them shut – the contents need to be verified for […]

Mobile, Sitemap, Zopim and Search

I love to improve things.  Mostly, I love to improve systems.  I guess that’s one good reason why Aliyah Lift Shipping is here – I wanted to improve the shipping system.  Well, that and because I love to help people. This post is a little self-indulgent as it’s about what we’ve done over the years […]

Pie Chart for Pi Day

Since it’s Pi Day (March 14th — 3.14, get it?) it only seems appropriate to post a shipping pie chart, right? This pie chart is for a 20′ container with a residential live load in a local NY neighborhood.  (A “live load” is when the driver waits in the truck while the container is being […]