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Maple Syrup in Israel

A couple years ago we helped some great olim (and personal friends) launch their dream of selling Maple Syrup in Israel.  (add more)   Here’s a few pictures from today’s delivery. Two super-protected pallets of delicious maple syrup. Since the delivery truck didn’t come with a pallet jack and lift-gate all the boxes had to be […]

Chuppah & Aliyah

We are very excited to present our second awesome couple in the Chuppah & Aliyah program — Zachary & Stefanie Leighton. Our experience with Aliyah Lift shippers, especially with Yitzhak Sasson, was great.  He was available to answer all of our questions and address our concerns on the phone and even through WhatsApp, anytime. Moving anything, […]

Untanneh Tokef & Shipping

You might wonder… What does the famous prayer Untanneh Tokef  have to do with shipping?   The idea struck me earlier this year, that shipping is a lot like the very moving part of Untanneh Tokef.  Just like in Untanneh Tokef  there’s a list of circumstances effecting man and his future, shipping too can have other-then-anticipated results. […]

Damages & Marine Insurance

No doubt. Many years ago during a delivery, one of the crew members opened up the cardboard wrappings around a leather office chair and he accidentally made a long cut in the leather with his box-cutter knife. There was no dispute or doubt — he cut the chair with his knife.  It was clear as […]

US Customs Inspections

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection workers are busy beavers these days, working to keep the US safe from shipments to and from Israel…. US Imports. Almost all shipments arriving in the US are currently being inspected.  The inspection could be as simple as an x-ray or as  elaborate as a box-by-box review.  The charges […]

The Depth of a Simple Question

The Simple Question There are questions in shipping that have more depth then what could ever be expected.  One such questions is, “Are there any other fees?” If you’ve seen our proposal then you know it’s very well detailed — to the extent that we even include “tips” in the “Optional Charges” section.  (We believe it’s important […]

Gross Volume 101

The industry standard in partial shipment billing  is based on the gross volume – the outside measurements (length x width x height) of a pallet or crate. The gross volume is always more then the sum of it’s parts because 1) the pallet that the items are stacked on takes up space and 2) most […]

Shuttle Delivery

Here is a photo-story of a 40′ container delivery to a wonderful family in their first lovely home in Israel, but due to the location of the home, we needed to use a shuttle to complete the delivery.   The home is pleasantly situated midway down a picturesque steep & narrow hill.   The driver attempted 3 or […]

Container Loading = Playing Tetris

If you haven’t heard of it before, Tetris is an old video game where buttons are used to guide falling tetrominoes (colored block packages) so they stack together and the spaces are completely filled in. We’ve been told many times this is how our customer’s containers were loaded – like the Tetris game. Our crews are Tetris masters How […]