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Balagan Be Gone

Personal Organization & Aliyah Preparation

Rebekah C Saltzman

When you make Aliyah, there are two main areas to organize that will help ease the transition keep spending in check and help maintain your sanity:
    • Time Line / To Do List
    • Organization of physical possessions
Our job is to focus on helping you get the most out of your remaining time before making Aliyah. We will help you create the tools you need to stay organized and on track, we can assist you in getting things done prior to Aliyah, we help take inventory of personal items, sort, and discard them, and we assist with anything that may be outstanding after you make Aliyah, either in the US or getting set up in Israel.

Rebekah Chaifetz Saltzman

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Suzy Kahati

Family Financial Adviser

My name is Suzy Kahati and I am a family financial adviser. My vision is to help families achieve financial stability.  Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:
    • Do you want to manage your personal finances efficiently and live debt-free?
    • Do you wish for financial stability for you and your family?
    • Are you having a hard time dealing with a fluctuating income?

We all cope with financial difficulties. We all want to improve our quality of life. But many of us were never taught to budget or navigate through the waters of family finance. Without the appropriate knowledge, many families cope with far more difficulty and stress than necessary, and miss out on countless opportunities for financial growth. As a family financial advisor, I engage my clients in a forward building process and provide basic tools that make a world of difference.

To navigate finances in Israel download the FREE booklet > How to Save Money in Israel.

Suzy Kahati

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